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Well Services and Rehabilitation

For a variety of reasons, the productivity of a water well can decline over time.

Any performance decline is usually indicated by a noticeable difference in the quantity or quality of the water being pumped.

At Hydro Resources, we are prepared to diagnose the status or situation and pinpoint the cause of a problem. If the cause appears to be downhole, we utilize the latest technology in downhole closed circuit video equipment to visually inspect the entire depth of the well.

When a specific problem is identified, we utilize a variety of mechanical and chemical rehabilitation techniques, in the most cost-effective manner, to restore the water system to the highest production and efficiency levels possible.

Hydro offers state-of-the-art high pressure jetting services for well rehabilitation. Used alone, or in combination with other methods, our well jetting process uses high velocity water to apply aggressive cleaning power to the well perforations and surrounding gravel pack. Well jetting is a rapid and cost-effective approach to your well rehabilitation needs.


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