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When it comes to water wells for agricultural use, the professionals at Hydro Resources can assist you with the planning, needs assessment, drilling, and maintenance of your wells.

Water Wells In Agriculture

Irrigation Wells

In order for crops to thrive, a reliable irrigation system is a necessary investment. Equally important is working with professionals that understand your needs.

Hydro Resources will work with you to assess your water requirements and plan a test drilling program to locate the most productive wells. Our team of experienced professionals will perform and interpret downhole geophysical logs and analyze formation samples. We will then customize a well design to maximize production based on our findings.

Proper drilling procedures, construction, and most importantly, proper well development will bring you the best value for your investment.

Additionally, choosing Hydro Resources for your water well maintenance can increase the lifespan of your well. We understand our products better than anyone, so we have the unique capability to service wells we’ve helped design.

When you choose to work with Hydro Resources, you’ll be working with a company that understands the needs of the agriculture industry. With so many years working with small- and large-scale farmers, we have the experience and knowledge to construct a water well customized to your specifications. Set up your consultation with Hydro Resources today to begin the process.



Hydro Resources has been drilling water wells for municipalities and industry since our inception. With the capabilities of drilling with Flooded Reverse, Dual Wall Reverse, and conventional drilling methods to depths of 4000 feet, we have the right solution for your project.

Hydro Resources understands that when a municipal or industrial user needs to invest in a water well program, the selection of the right drilling contractor is imperative.

Hydro Resources will work as a team member with the Owner and the Engineer to develop specifications to meet the project goals. Our experience drilling high-capacity production wells safely, and our commitment to collaborating with all stakeholders results in successful projects to meet the needs of our clients.

Hydro Resources has a dedicated team of project managers assigned to municipal and industrial drilling and pump projects, providing consistent and transparent communication as the project moves forward. This commitment and diligence means that our clients will be involved from beginning to end and any questions or issues addressed in a timely manner. Professionally managed projects with detailed specifications are our specialty.



Hydro Resources offers the following services to our mining clients:

  • Test Hole Drilling
  • Mine Dewatering Wells
  • Water Supply Wells
  • Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Utility Boreholes
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Pumping Equipment – Lineshaft Turbine, Submersible Pumping, VFD Controllers
  • Various Drilling Methods – Flooded Reverse, Dual Wall Reverse, Conventional Mud and Air Rotary

Hydro Resources will work as a member of the team to accomplish the goals of the project. We can assist with project specification review, make recommendations, and help create the design necessary to meet project goals.

Hydro Resources’ professional project management approach means that our clients will receive consistent and transparent communication throughout the project so any changes can be addressed in a timely manner, and the required completion schedule achieved.

Specialty Projects

Specialty Projects

Hydro Resources provides Specialty Drilling services with our extensive operational fleet and experience.

Specialty Drilling Services include the following:

MAR (Managed Aquifer Recharge) Wells:

Hydro Resources has been engaged in this growing market for over 20 years. As groundwater resources are challenged, many are turning to MAR to provide longevity to the aquifers. Specific design details are important to consider, and having Hydro on your team brings wisdom and experience to the project. Ask about our patented Downhole Power Generation to see if it may benefit you by generating electrical power during aquifer recharge events.

Geothermal Energy:

Hydro Resources has drilled test wells and high-capacity production wells to tap geothermal resources used in mining, industrial and municipal applications. Experience is paramount when dealing with pressurized, high temperature groundwater. Having Hydro on your team will help bring the project to a safe and successful completion.

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