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Well Drilling and Construction

Well Drilling and Construction

Hydro Resources provides full-service capabilities to any well drilling project. Exploratory test hole drilling and formation analysis may be performed prior to production well drilling. Hydro’s extensive experience allows us to provide our clients with the best data to make decisions as to the production well design and location.

Hydro Resources provides the following drilling methods to accomplish the specific goals of a project.

  • Flooded Reverse Circulation
  • Dual Wall Reverse Circulation
  • Conventional Mud Rotary
  • Conventional Air Rotary

Our extensive fleet of drilling equipment allow us to cover the full spectrum of drilling requirements to depths exceeding 4000 feet. In addition to our extensive experience in production water well drilling , Hydro Resources offers specialty drilling services to the specific needs of our clients. Some of these applications include:

  • Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Wells, also known as Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells
  • Specialized Mine Dewatering Wells
  • Deep Injection Wells
  • Geothermal Energy Production Wells

Pumping System Design and Installation

Pumping System Design and Installation

Pumping System Design and Installation

Unmatched Pump System Design and Installation Services for Your Needs

When it comes to designing a pump system for a new well or repairing/replacing an existing system, our expertise is unparalleled. We excel in creating customized pumping systems that perfectly align with our customers’ specific requirements. One crucial aspect of our design and installation service is our role as a leading stocking distributor for various renowned brands of submersible and turbine pumps. As a result, we are always fully prepared to promptly address our clients’ needs, thanks to our extensive inventory.



Tailored Control Solutions for Well Pumping Systems by Hydro Resources

At Hydro Resources, we specialize in providing control solutions that are perfectly suited to your well pumping system. Our team of professionals takes pride in customizing control packages that precisely meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our range of offerings includes VFD controllers, reduced voltage soft starters, medium voltage systems, and remote monitoring and control capabilities. With our expertise in electronic data collection and management, we have developed a cost-effective and highly valuable system which enables remote, real-time monitoring and efficient control management of your pumping systems.

To ensure timely awareness of any issues or potential problems within your systems, we have implemented multiple methods of data transmission. Our control designs can be tailored to meet the unique needs and monitoring requirements of every client we serve

Pump Service and Maintenance

Pump Service and Maintenance

Ensuring Optimal Performance and Minimizing Costly Downtime through Regular Maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance are essential for maintaining the peak performance of mechanical equipment and preventing costly breakdowns. Our company is well-equipped to meet these needs with an extensive fleet of service rigs, a highly trained workforce, and one of the largest inventories of spare parts in the industry. We are fully prepared to respond promptly to service and maintenance requirements across all our operational regions.

Furthermore, we understand the urgency of emergency situations, which is why we are available 24/7 to address them. Our commitment to providing immediate support every day ensures that our clients can rely on us whenever they need assistance.

Well Services and Rehabilitation

Well Services and Rehabilitation

Restoring Water Well Productivity: Advanced Techniques for Optimal Performance

Over time, the productivity of a water well can diminish due to various factors. Signs of performance decline often manifest as noticeable changes in water quantity or quality during pumping. At Hydro Resources, we specialize in diagnosing and resolving such issues with precision.

To thoroughly assess the situation, we employ cutting-edge downhole closed circuit video equipment for visual inspections of the entire well depth. This advanced technology helps us identify downhole causes accurately. Once the specific problem is identified, we employ a range of mechanical and chemical rehabilitation techniques in a cost-effective manner to restore the water system to its highest levels of production and efficiency.

Our comprehensive services include:

Sonar Jet Cleaning

Using rapid and economical sonar jet cleaning, we remove scale or mineral precipitation from the casing and surrounding gravel pack or formation. This process revitalizes the well’s capacity and enhances productivity, often in conjunction with chemical rehabilitation methods.

Downhole Video Survey

To eliminate any uncertainties, our downhole video system captures high-quality footage and images, allowing us to analyze your well’s condition thoroughly. With this information, we formulate the most appropriate procedures to resolve any issues affecting your well.

Chemical Treatments

We utilize National Sanitation Foundation-approved products specifically designed for potable systems. Our chemical treatments effectively target biomass and mineral scale for thorough cleaning. Chlorine, acid, and dispersant chemistry are often employed, tailored to address the specific problems within the well.

Wire Brushing Well Screens

Bacterial growth, slime, and mineral deposits frequently clog well casings, screens, or open bore holes. Our wire brushing technique removes debris, enhancing flow and extending the overall life and functionality of your well.

Well Redevelopment

When an existing well begins to lose capacity, it may indicate plugging issues during its initial construction. Hydro Resources can redevelop your well with minimal downtime, restoring it to its original or even improved operating output.

Airlift Methods

As part of our well rehabilitation process, we offer airlift swabbing. This technique applies significant energy to the well, facilitating the removal of biological or mineral scale that has been loosened through chemical or physical rehabilitation methods. Effective removal of loosened material is vital for successful well rehabilitation.

High Speed Bailing

In both new well development and well rehabilitation, our high-speed bailing method uses a close-fitting bailer that alternates between lowering to the well bottom and rapidly raising to the surface. This generates high-energy surging in the well screen area, aiding in effective cleaning.

Surge Block Well Development

Similar to a plunger, surge block well development involves closely fitting a surge block within the casing and alternately raising and lowering it in the well screen. This creates a flushing action, expelling water out of and back into the well. Hydro Resources utilizes both single and double disc surge blocks for effective well development and rehabilitation.

High Pressure Jetting

Our state-of-the-art high-pressure jetting services deliver aggressive cleaning power to the well perforations and surrounding gravel pack. This rapid and cost-effective approach, used alone or in combination with other methods, efficiently addresses your well rehabilitation needs.

With our expertise and advanced techniques, Hydro Resources is committed to restoring the productivity of your water well and ensuring optimal performance for years to come.

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