ICL Gains a 50% Increase in Groundwater Production

ICL Gains a 50% Increase in Groundwater Production

Recently, Hydro Resources helped a global manufacturer of fertilizers, metals and other special-purpose chemicals realize a 50% increase in well capacity. ICL Group chose Hydro Resources to rehabilitate its industrial water wells that are used extensively by the company to feed chemical treatment and processing lines. Over time, the wells had lost capacity due to mineral and biological plugging of the screens.

Hydro Resources was uniquely qualified to provide a rapid response to clean these industrial wells, within a very tight, planned, five-day plant shut down.

ICL Project Challenges

With such a rigid schedule, there was no room for error. The situation required that a well cleaning method be used that would allow for a quick return to service but provide aggressive and effective energy to the well screen and surrounding gravel pack.

Hydro Resources Solution

After removing the well pumping equipment, Hydro Resources utilized high pressure jetting to remove any accumulated deposits on the well screen, in the gravel pack and in the surrounding formation. The jetting process used to clean each well was performed timely and efficiently.

A conventional well rehabilitation may have taken 5 to 7 days, but Hydro Resources’ high-pressure jetting was completed in one day, allowing time for pump installation and startup within the planned plant shutdown period. The Client was able to achieve their desired result in a cost-effective manner, without any chemical waste to handle.

For more information on water well rehabilitation, contact Hydro Resources – serving municipalities, agriculture, commercial, industrial, energy applications.


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