FAQs | Hydro Resources

Do you have questions about the capabilities and experience of Hydro Resources? Our FAQs provide answers on a variety of technical information about our services and industry.

What is water exploration?

Water exploration is the process of identifying and studying groundwater reserves. There are several ways to complete this process, including geological or geophysical studies, and test wells. The professionals at Hydro Resources assist you in evaluating the best exploration method for your business.

With which industries is Hydro Resources most experienced?

Hydro Resources is proud to work with multiple industries throughout the United States. We have extensive experience providing water solutions for the energy sector, mining, municipalities, agriculture, and commercial/industrial. We’re also highly knowledgeable about aquifer storage and recovery (ASR).

Which regions of the United States can I work with Hydro Resources?

We have teams in place in the southern, southwestern, and western portions of the U.S. We can provide surface hydrogeophysical studies on a stand alone basis worldwide. Please see our list of locations to identify the field office nearest to you.

What is aquifer storage and recovery (ASR)?

Aquifer storage and recovery is a means of managing surface and groundwater reserves. During a time of heavy precipitation or runoff, water can be injected into existing aquifers as a means of storage. When drought times arrive, the water reserves can be pumped out for use. It’s an option for environmentally conscious entities to take advantage of wet periods  to later reduce the effect of droughts on available water supplies.

How can my company benefit from working with Hydro Resources?

When you choose to work with us, know that we are committed to excellence. We work with some of the best and brightest in the water exploration and production industry. Our purpose is to provide solutions to your water needs while maximizing safety and minimizing the impact on the environment.

What type of equipment can I expect from Hydro Resources?

We are proud to offer some of the most technologically advanced water well drilling equipment available on the market. Hydro Resources believes in tailoring a plan of action based on your  unique needs – and our tools are designed to provide those solutions.