Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR)

Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR)

Potable water is a constant source of concern for municipalities, farmers, and other industries. In times of drought, the lack of water can have a significant economic, environmental, and sociological impact on a community. However, the water professionals of Hydro Resources provide a solution to drought-related concerns with our aquifer storage & recovery (ASR) methods.

How Aquifer Storage & Recovery Works | Hydro Resources

ASR Basics

The Definition of Aquifer


a body of permeable rock that can contain or transmit groundwater.

Most aquifers consist of several layers. The portion closest to the earth’s surface is where fresh, or groundwater, is stored in porous rock. As water levels fluctuate with the seasons, there may be more or less water in the aquifer.

Hydro Resources & ASR Technology

Across the Western US, many of our clients are finding that they require a water supply that includes both surface and groundwater supplies. During periods of low water demand, available surface water can be treated and injected into the aquifer with an ASR well. This water is stored in the aquifer, and is then available for use during high demand periods when surface water supplies may be limited.

Hydro Resources’ team of professionals has vast experience drilling, constructing and equipping ASR wells. Well equipping includes specialized components that allow for water injection and water extraction using the same pumping equipment. Contact us today to discuss your ASR project.

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