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equipment used in groundwater exploration

Equipment Used in Groundwater Exploration

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that you can drill a hole in your property and instantaneously find water. There are a variety of scientific methods which are employed to determine the presence of water. Each technique implements specialty instruments used to fine-tune that process. Hydro Resources discusses several pieces of equipment used in groundwater exploration and explains how they simplify the process.

Tools of the Trade: Equipment Used in Groundwater Exploration

There are a variety of highly technological apparatuses that help professional water well drilling companies locate and drill for groundwater. When you choose to work with Hydro Resources, our exploration team provides you with several technology-based options that will help assess the availability of water at your location. Some of these methods include:

  • Surface Geophysical: Hydrogeologists can identify water deposits and reservoirs deep below the earth’s surface by employing maps, collected historical data, and specialty tools. Our experienced professionals use electrical resistivity equipment to map water options and estimate the duration of your water supply. This method is relatively “non-invasive,” meaning that minimal digging is required.
  • Well Logging: For more substantial results, your water exploration company may recommend well logging. Similar to logging in the oil and gas industry, water well logging uses equipment to capture a picture of the water formation from pre-existing water wells. An experienced logger can verify the best places to drill, as well as areas that may have dried up.
  • Test Wells: In areas with no nearby water wells, a test well might be necessary to help assess water availability.
  • Aquifer Testing: Also referred to as “slug” testing, water exploration companies will often use high-tech equipment to assess and monitor the flow of an existing aquifer. Hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, and storage are three tests that determine the quality of an aquifer.

Contact the Professionals at Hydro Resources

Though this is a simple explanation of the testing and equipment used in groundwater exploration, know that you can rely on the professionals at Hydro Resources. Our experienced team provides solutions to a variety of environments and industries. If you have questions about the equipment used during our exploration process, contact us today.