Spotlight on Fred Rothauge

Fred Rothauge

Fred Rothauge has been in the Drilling and Drilling Fluids Engineering Business for
38 years. He oversees Drilling Fluids and Manages Well Rehabilitation for Hydro
Resources. Special projects Management and Advising are also part of Fred’s unique
skill set.

Bringing life experiences to the table.

Fred has a unique backstory. In 1982, he worked for “American Mud Company” a Drilling Fluids Engineering company. That experience led him to create his own business in 1984, working with Oil and Gas, Mining and the Water Well Industry. Quality Drilling Fluids Engineering Inc. was located in Colorado and serviced Water Well Drilling and Rehabilitation projects throughout the Western United States as well as Canada and South America. Fred’s special interest was working with the Water Well Industry to improve their drilling fluid programs providing improved penetration rates while minimizing formation damage and increasing well yields.

Prior to the company being acquired by Hydro Resources in 2006, Quality Drilling Fluids Engineering Inc. serviced “Henkle Drilling and Supply” and “Am-West Well and Pump” both companies that had also been acquired by Hydro Resources.

Fred is a conference speaking veteran who understands the need for quality drilling
fluids and the importance of maintaining drilling services and supply logistics. He
speaks at several association conferences as well as Johnson Screens three day
Groundwater and Wells Class each year. His previous experiences as a teacher and
business owner have given him a broad knowledge base to draw from and the
communication skills necessary to convey that knowledge to others.

Fred currently serves on the Board of Directors for the NGWA ”National Ground Water
Association”, the “American Ground Water Trust” where he serves as Chairman, the
“Mountain States Ground Association” and The Colorado Water Well Contractors
Association where he served and President for 2019. Fred has Co-Authored papers
on drilling fluids and is a Co Author of Chapter 8 – Drilling Fluids of the 3rd edition of
Johnson Screens “Groundwater and Wells” book. You can find the book in the National
Ground Water Bookstore.

According to Fred, what is Hydro Resources doing right?

The reputation for good customer service at Hydro Resources is something that Fred is proud to be a part of. He likes the integrity that Hydro Resources brings as part of that reputation. He values employee participation, where employees are encouraged to recommend alternatives when they feel there is a potentially better solution available and knowing the employee’s ideas are recognized and valued. In the thirty-eight years that Fred has been on the job and even more so the last fourteen years that he has been with Hydro Resources he has watched Well Rehabilitation evolve and Drilling
Fluids become more consistent across the company.

He also enjoys the company culture that has allowed Hydro Resources to expand to the size that they are while maintaining a local identity.

“If there is a will there’s a way”. I learned early not to doubt. I know that we can accomplish finding the best solution for our clients. We have many talented people at Hydro Resources. It is pretty cool. If you really focus on what the outcome is that you want and you’re open to finding the best way, then when it seems like it’s not going to work…as long as you stay focused…it’s amazing how the answer just finally gets there when you have your team really focused.”

Fred has advice for those looking into the Water Well and Pump Industry.

“If you are a hard worker, even when mistakes happen, own them, and work to fix them. Get involved as much as you can.
Continue learning something new every day.

No one can ever know everything about our industry when it’s forever changing, requiring new technology and management practices.

This will keep you relevant in your field and give you something in common with new colleagues as they come along. Don’t forget that listening can be more important than talking when it comes to solving problems as a team.”

Fred has had numerous moments where new innovative ideas have yielded outstanding results. This has ranged from new technology that allows for power production during aquifer charging and using drilling fluids to enhance water recovery.

Through all these experiences, Fred has learned that you should never underestimate the potential of anyone. Good ideas can come from everywhere, and you never know where exactly they may be. If you stay open to finding the right ideas, good things will happen.

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