Schramm T130XD Drilling Rig

Schramm T130XD Drilling Rig

Schramm T130XD Drilling Rig

Crane Carrier Mounted Drilling Rig with Tilt Out Top Drive

Drilling Capacity: 3,000 Feet with 5.5” X 3” Dual Wall Drill Pipe
Trailer Mounted Loadsafe Pipe Handling System
Hands Free Iron Roughneck for Pipe Loading

Mast: Telescoping Mast with 52’ Travel

Top Head: Up to 17,500 Ft-Lbs. Torque

Substructure: 3’ 9” Height provides 6 ft clearance working room below table.

Compressor: 2 Each IR 1170 X 350 PSI

Mud System: Custom 210 BBL Tank with dual shale shakers, 12 De-sander Mud Cleaner, 2 ea. Motor Driven Pump-Mission Magnum Sandmaster 5” X 6” X 11’, VFD Controlled

Swivel: 7” X 5.5” Matrix Side Entry

Fuel Tank: 2,000 Gallon, DBL Wall Steel, Metered Fuel Pump

Drill Pipe: 2,500’ of 5.5” X 3” Matrix Dual Wall Drill Pipe

Drill Collars: 9” Conventional and 6” Dual Wall Collars

Dog House: Self Contained Unit with Welders, Work Room w/ Tool Storage, Tower Lighting, Depth Recorder, 3 Degree Deviation Tool

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