New Tech Finds Water in Tight Spaces for Municipalities

New Tech Finds Water in Tight Spaces for Municipalities

As populations grow, municipalities across the country are dealing with the challenge of finding water and creating water solutions in tight spaces. In Texas, the rate of development is making hydrogeophysical surveys and system installation more technical. Thankfully, new technology is available that makes Hydro Resources a leader in hydrogeophysical imaging. Here’s how we work to find water in tight spaces for municipalities.

Hydro Aqua Gem

Traditionally, hydrogeophysical surveys require long cables to gather accurate data. That’s not always possible when you’re working around asphalt roads, utilities, commercial buildings, and residential areas. To get the data necessary to complete the survey, new methods need to be used. Hydro Resources has solved this problem with a new system, the Hydro Aqua Gem. This system utilizes shorter cabling and dipoles, allowing for data acquisition in a small footprint, and is non-invasive to the property.

These developments in water survey technology make it possible for municipalities to complete surveys in areas where they weren’t possible before. It offers greater options that are still eco-friendly and cost-effective. The results are better groundwater discovery and management for local residents and businesses.

Custom Groundwater Solutions

As local economies continue to grow and develop, new methods are needed to fit the cultural environment. Fitting into high-traffic areas with homes and other buildings close together requires custom solutions that deliver results. All of this needs to happen without disrupting the local ecosystem.

Hydro Resources holds the highest standards of safety and work quality for our clients and communities. Everyone on our team is dedicated to bringing you the best technology and service available. We’re a leader in groundwater exploration and production, and our turnkey services can make your water use safer and environmentally friendly. Our entire team is committed to bringing you the best service and groundwater solutions possible.

Contact us today to find out how our Hydro Aqua Gem geophysical system can help.

View the case study on the city of Toole, Utah


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