energy industry water consumption

Energy Industry Water Consumption

Many people assume that energy drillers merely dig a hole, and oil and gas instantly pop up from the ground. However, professionals with experience in the petroleum industry understand that water plays a pivotal role in the operations and drilling process. It is critical to work with a water well drilling company with extensive experience with energy industry water consumption needs.

Water and the Energy Sector

Water is an essential element in a variety of industries. The oil and gas sector is no different. When you need to establish a steady source of water for your energy company operations, an onsite water well helps you achieve a variety of objectives.

Mud Mixing

Water is a critical component of the vast majority of drilling muds, which are a staple in all oil and gas operations. Choosing to drill a water well onsite minimizes the need to install pipelines or truck in water, therefore reducing operating costs.

Hydraulic Fracturing

This process is also known as “fracking.” An oil formation is injected with pressurized liquid to fracture the formation, thus releasing oil and gas deposits. Water is a necessity when it comes to fracking. Without it, the entire operation wouldn’t be possible. The amount of water needed to complete fracking may be more than what trucks can bring in. Using a water well at your rig location saves time and money.

Pressure Control

Water is used as a means of maintaining pressure on the wellhead. A reliable, consistent water supply promotes safety and helps to minimize downtime due to lost pressure.

When you work with the professionals at Hydro Resources, know that your water needs are our top priority. We work with your team to ensure that we’re balancing your corporate goals with environmental stability. Safety is always a priority with Hydro Resources, for our employees and yours. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how an onsite water well can help you to manage energy industry water consumption.

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