Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Water Well Rehabilitation

Hydro Resources’ High-Pressure Jetting System

A critical component of maintaining a well and ensuring water quality is the removal of bacteria or mineral scale from the system. When a well system has been operating for a while, its production and efficiency will decrease as material accumulates in its screened and slotted zones. Mineral deposits, bacterial sludge, silt and clay, or a combination of these factors, will contribute to the decreased well capacity.

Well Rehabilitation

● Deposits of biofilm and minerals should be targeted by application of energy to the screened interval and into the surrounding gravel pack.
● Bacteria can be removed with pH adjusted chlorination and the material can then be removed.
● Well brushing or similar mechanical methods are utilized to remove the deposits of minerals that accumulate in the well, but this only targets the inside of the well itself.
● Chemical treatment often follows the brushing as a means to penetrate through the screen and into the surrounding gravel pack to address mineral or biological plugging.

Hydro Resources’ Approach

Hydro Resources offers the technique of high-pressure jetting. This service offers an effective alternative to the use of chemicals. The major advantages of this service include:

● Rapid Turnaround Time
● Improved efficiency
● Increased flow
● Reduced Cost

Hydro Resources’ high-pressure jetting service provides superior well cleaning in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Hydro Resources has established itself as a leader in the groundwater industry, and its staff of experienced, knowledgeable professionals consistently develop and introduce groundbreaking construction technologies and services to meet the needs of clients found in industries such as agriculture, industry, energy and more. You can be assured
that we will utilize the most advanced services and highest safety standards to complete your project.

Please contact us to learn more about Hydro Resources and the wide range of services we offer.





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